The Strategic Allies has brought together a team of experts solely focused on the unique transition needs of 501(c)3 organizations entering into strategic partnerships, collaborations and alliances.

Today’s economic and social realities can be harsh for non-profit organizations: increased competition, shrinking donor pools, demands for new technologies, staffing pressures, new governance regulations and public scrutiny. Combine all of these challenges with the difficulties in identifying outstanding leadership, as well as recruiting and developing an effective governance board, and it’s a world that seems to be conspiring against the success of many non-profit organizations.

How to respond? For many groups, it may mean collaborations with "competitors." Others may be ready to move beyond collaboration to explore formal partnerships, ranging from alliances to joint ventures. In some cases, these can mean the difference between a mission that survives, and one that vanishes and is forgotten.

Where to start?

Building strategic partnerships is a challenging and complex process and, if not properly managed, the process can end in frustration, wasted energy, squandered resources and failure. That is where we can help.

The Challenge for Funders

As a foundation or grant-making organization, you have a responsibility to ensure donated funds are used efficiently and effectively, but how many more organizations can you support to fulfill your mission? Do you see mergers between the non-profits you support as an effective strategy to best utilize your funds and best serve the community?

Ultimately, could partnerships or alliances between some of the groups you support guarantee the greater good is fulfilled?

The organizations that approach you for funding are all worthwhile; however, you can identify the overlaps, the wasted resources and the organizational inefficiencies. Also, how many funding requests seem more for survival or maintenance of status quo, and not for program expansion or innovation?

You know there must be a better way to ensure the greatest impact for your donated dollars. That’s where The Strategic Allies can help. We can evaluate not only where funding is directed but also how the organization can become a catalyst for change and improvement.

The Strategic Allies works with foundations and grantmaking organizations as a facilitator, demonstrating how collaborations, partnerships and alliances of supported non-profits can have a longer-lasting impact by creating stronger, more viable entities that accomplish more toward the fulfillment of their missions.

What we provide

While no situation is identical, The Strategic Allies blends ours strategic partnership and consolidation expertise with proven methodologies and a broad network of ancillary professionals to achieve your goals. The Strategic Allies brings together a coordinated team that addresses the major challenges you will face throughout the process. Our turnkey, carefully planned approach keeps all activities and functions in sync and on target throughout your organization’s transition. Our expertise and services include: