Growth. Mergers. Acquisitions. Shifts. Downturns.

Transitions exacerbate problems in a company’s business processes and technology, as well as the critical linkages between them, at a time when peak performance is needed most. Our expertise covers the underlying databases as well as the applications and technology they interface with.

Traditional problem-solving approaches take too long, or simply don’t work, because they focus on just one discipline, they’re tied to a specific software package, or the provider business model depends on ongoing fees.

The Strategic Allies provides companies with rapid, sustainable solutions that give management, staff, stakeholders and service providers the support and information they need to do their jobs effectively.

The Strategic Allies methodology is:

Our work is guided by honesty, trust, and a commitment to help companies achieve their potential. We’re proud of our reputation for delivering on time and within scope. And because we deliver what we promise, most clients report a >100% ROI in less than 12 months and immediate self-sufficiency.